The Fight for Mom’s House

Brandon Jourdan, Liberated Lens Collective, 2020 (13 mins) 

A short documentary about a group of homeless mothers who reclaimed a vacant house in Oakland, California, to provide safe housing for their children and to draw attention to the wider housing crisis. The house was owned by Wedgewood Incorporated, a real-estate company that specialises in flipping ‘distressed’ properties. In a city where the average rent is close to $3,000 per month and thousands of people are living on the streets, the occupation quickly grew into a movement for housing justice. This film tells the story of 50 days of struggle at 2928 Magnolia Street, from occupation to eviction.



Democracy Now interview with the activists in January 2020. They were evicted during the interview… 

Democracy Now interview a week after with better news… 

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