Blood on Your Hands

Captain SKA, 2021 (2 mins)

Captain SKA’s timely and powerful video about the incompetence and corruption of the Tory Government at the moment when it’s offering NHS workers a 1% pay rise. A biting and well directed indictment of the lies of the Prime Minister and the disconnect his entire team has with ordinary people in this country. Captain SKA is a politically-active British band which produces and performs reggae and ska songs. The band is composed of unsigned, freelance session-musicians. Members of the band have recorded and performed with artists including Culture Club, Paloma Faith, Friendly Fires, Girls Aloud, The Streets, and Vampire Weekend.

The band first came to prominence in 2010 with the release of the song ‘Liar Liar’. At the time there were protests against a rise in college tuition fees in the UK, and the song had attacked the coalition government of the time, led by Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron and Liberal Democrat Deputy PM Nick Clegg.

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