The Lobby US Part 4

Al Jazeera, 2018 (49 mins)

In this final episode, undercover reporter Tony Kleinfeld gains the total confidence of leading pro-Israel lobbyists, allowing him to film candid footage in which the leadership recognise that they are in danger of losing control of their anti-Palestinian narrative amongst young Americans. Lavish budgets, covert support of the Israeli government, and backing by messianic Christian evangelical preachers have enabled them to continue to control the official narrative in the media and in Congress. Yet all is not well.

Most dangerous for the lobby is the rise of support for the Palestinian cause and for BDS on campuses across the US, and particularly amongst Democrat Party activists and Jewish members of organisations such as Jewish Voice for Peace. A mixture of increasingly unethical and absurd propaganda methods are used. Attempts are made to co-opt black activists and even, posthumously, Martin Luther King. Amidst the moral depravity, Tony manages to film a tragicomic episode as he witnesses a failed attempt at ‘astroturfing’, black and ethnic minority students reluctantly cajoled and bussed across state lines to protest against a meeting of supporters of justice for Palestinians.

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